Street Style Sale - Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, & More!

Trust us, we know: when it comes to serving looks on a budget, the struggle is real. But it doesn’t have to be. At Kay’s, we’re happy to offer our unique, edgy street style to you… on sale!

Here, you’ll find fun and funky pieces that can take your look to the next level. Need a new bikini? We’ve got it. A bodycon dress? Done! Best of all, you can get these gorgeous new outfits without breaking the bank.

Come Through, Kweens!

At Kay’s, we believe that every woman is a queen – and every queen should slay the sidewalk everywhere they go. Whether you’ve got cash to burn or just pennies till payday, we’re here to make sure your look always gives you life.

Of course, we’re always here to help style lovers everywhere, either in-store or online. Do you have any questions about our street style sale items? Just call 504-301-3366 or email; we’re available seven days a week, and we’ll be happy to answer your question!

Runway Fashion at Ramen Prices

Our selection of sale items has a little bit of everything. Bralettes, boots, crop tops, joggers – it’s all here for you to find. In fact, with a little help from our street style sale, you can build an entire look at a low price!

The sale selection is always changing here at Kay’s, so make sure you check it out whenever you want that new-new. You just might find the dress, top, or accessory that speaks to your soul.

Fabulous Scarf
House of Sunny

$72.99 $97.00

Garnet Earrings

$120.00 $306.00

Miss Circle

$89.99 $197.00

Golden Years Landscape
House of Sunny

$100.00 $134.00

Golden Years Coveralls
House of Sunny

$69.99 $173.00

Lighter Jacket
8 Other Reasons

$10.00 $29.00

Paradise Party Pant
House of Sunny

$84.00 – $119.00 $119.00

Island Pant
House of Sunny

$49.99 $120.00

Pacific Pants
House of Sunny

$49.99 $120.00

Boxy Pullover
Adam Selman sport

$55.99 $128.00

Leopard Hi-Rise Sweatpant
Adam Selman sport

$89.99 $135.00

Leopard Shrunken Hoodie
Adam Selman sport

$89.99 $135.00