Reef Jessie
House of Sunny

Reef Jessie



Classic House of Sunny Jessi shape in the Coral print. It's made sustainably, so feel good while making a purchase and then wear them with pride while you save the world. It's 100% cotton denim, but it's not your average jean, which is perfect because you're not an average person. 

Dress this up or down. We suggest treating it like a neutral and pairing it with anything you would typically wear with your basic blue jeans. You'll end up getting so much wear and so many looks out of these.


These are made using e-flow technology which uses 800 LT per 100 garments of water whereas traditional method uses 8.000 LT. per 100 garments e-Flow technology is the sustainable textile solution to transfer chemicals onto garments made of any fabric. Conventionally water is used as the carrier and, at the end of every cycle, that water, still brimming with chemical products, goes to waste.

e-Flow technology can accomplish a considerable number of finishing effects with the highest quality, a minimal amount of water and zero discharge. This is why e-Flow technology is the only one certified as ecological by an independent laboratory.