Incense of Wild Rose
Plant Makeup

Incense of Wild Rose



If Xanax had a scent, it would be wild rose. Make your space smell like actual beauty, but also alleviate any anxiety with the scent of wild rose. It should actually be required during these trying times. Added bonus: it corrects hormonal imbalance, uplifts the spirit, has healing capabilities and attracts love. So, you're taking them all....right?

Ingredients: wild harvested makko powder from Japan (Persea thunbergii) . purveyed certified organic roses from Bulgaria (Rosa damascena) . natural garden grown roses from USA (Rosa rugosa) . ethically wild harvested myrrh resin from Ethiopia (Commiphora myrrha) . natural garden grown beach rose distillation (Rose rugosa + purified aqua) + love.

  • plant based
  • local ingredients
  • gmo-free
  • all natural
  • cruelty free
  • vegan 
  • handmade