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  • Our Guide to Plus Size Summer Fashion

    Summer is almost here! At Kay’s, this is our favorite season: the weather is beautiful, the days are longer, and everyone seems to be a little bit more chill and laid back in general. However, we know that the summertime has been particularly unkind to one group of people for years -- beautiful, confident, badass curvy girls everywhere.

    Summer Fashion For what seems like forever, the world hasn’t known how to handle plus-size summer fashion. Instead, they bombard us with ads about getting “beach body ready” (newsflash: every body is a beach body) and making clothes that aren’t designed to accentuate your assets. But ladies, your day in the sun is here!

    Kay’s is among the top plus-size boutiques in New Orleans, and we are here to help all you plus-size beauties serve summertime realness from Memorial Day through September (or even longer, if the weather allows). So here you go, girls: our tips for mastering summer style and looking absolutely gorgeous:

    For A Day of Adventures

    Summer is the perfect time of year for day trips. So, if you’re going to be out all day, you’d better wear something that’s easy to move in, won’t make you overheated, and leaves anyone who sees you freaking shook.

    The ideal plus-size summer fashion for a day of exploring would be a breathable top (maybe a chic, yet sporty crop top) and a pair of pants. We suggest culottes or other wide-legged styles, as those tend to be breezier and will keep you nice and cool. You could wear shorts or a skirt if you want to tan those gams, but try to find a pair that hits about three inches above the knee.

    sunglasses Before you go out, make sure you have the one essential summer accessory: your favorite pair of sunglasses! And if you pass by Magazine street on your adventures, don’t forget to visit your fav plus-size boutique in New Orleans!

    For Lounging Poolside

    Sometimes, the best part of summer is the times that you do nothing at all. Seriously -- some of our most zen moments have come from lounging in a hotel deck chair, cocktail in hand. If you’re going to spend some time poolside this summer, you’ll need to step up your plus-size summer fashion.

    Plenty of plus-size boutiques, in New Orleans and around the world, have begun creating plus-size swimwear in a variety of styles. These range from simple one pieces to *gasp* bikinis! We looove this, and we encourage you to try on every damn option in the store. Trust us, you may be surprised which suit looks fiercest on you.

    Once you have the perfect swimsuit, you’ll need some sort of cover to complete your poolside look. Some girls like throwing denim shorts or a skirt over their suit, but we believe you should be a lil’ bit extra. Try a flowy sundress, a sheer duster or maxi top; you’ll feel like the queen you are!

    For Partying All Night

    As far as we’re concerned, summertime was made especially for throwing parties. Whether you’re on a hotel rooftop, in your favorite club, or just kicking back at bae’s place, your plus-size summer fashion should always be on point when you arrive. After all, you are the life of the party -- give everyone a LOOK to aspire to!

    Here in New Orleans, the summer stays hot well into the evening (our average low is 76!), so you can get away with showing some skin and still being comfortable. Use this opportunity to debut a real show stopping outfit! Try a bustier dress with sexy heels, or a crop top and skirt combo that gives off some edgy-cool vibes.

    As always, accessories make any look! Make sure you have something that adds to your overall look, like statement earrings or a gorgeous choker necklace. Or, if you’re feeling yourself, you could always go all out with a floral headdress! That’s one way to guarantee that all eyes are on you.

    The Right Fabrics Make All The Difference

    Whatever your plans are this summer, there is one rule you should follow when picking out your plus-size summer fashion: choose the right fabrics! Not only will this help you look your very best on your summer adventures, it will keep you feeling comfortable all day long. Trust us, a well-made garment makes all the difference.

    When you’re shopping for your summer wardrobe, try to choose items that use natural, breathable fabrics. Cotton and linen are great choices, as they are light and less likely to trap heat.

    And of course, there’s one more rule you should follow as you shop: pick the clothes that make you feel good! Summer is a season for having fun, so don’t be afraid to experiment with bold looks you haven’t tried before, and be ready to rock them when you step onto the sidewalk.

    This summer, you may get to go on awesome vacations, have a steamy summer fling, or just spend time exploring your city. But whatever you do, you should do it while wearing something that makes you feel like a goddess.

    If you have these tips in your back pocket (or wherever you keep your phone), you will be able to put together the most badass summer wardrobe you’ve ever had. And if you do that, get ready: you are about to have the best summer of your life.

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