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  • Festival Fashion - Clothing, Accessories, & Styling Tips to Live By

    MiraIf you ask us, nothing says “spring” like a good old-fashioned music festival. Think about it: Coachella. Lollapalooza. Woodstock. These events bring together amazing artists and devoted music fans from all walks of life, and the end result is pretty unforgettable. It’s no wonder that so many people flock to these festivals every single year!

    But these days, a music festival isn’t just about seeing your favorite bands. I mean, it’s about that too, but it’s also about checking out some sick festival fashion - namely the clothing, accessories, and attitude you’re vibing with. Music festivals are their own mini fashion show -- and you know everyone, from attending celebrities, Instagram models to the average concert goer, is there to slay.

    If you’re going to a music festival this year, you’d better have the perfect outfit handy. But what exactly is the “perfect outfit”? It depends on where you’re going. Here are a few simple festival style tips to help you get ready and look your best at the biggest music festivals in the world.

    Coachella -- Indio, California

    Every April, California’s Coachella Valley desert springs to life with music, light shows, and Stevie Nicks-inspired fashion. Coachella is a festival of diverse genres (this year’s lineup includes singer-songwriters like St. Vincent, rappers like Cardi B, and certified icons like Beyonce), but Coachella’s festival fashion, from clothing to accessories, tends to be a throwback to the age of Flower Power.

    To create the perfect Coachella look, start with the basics: a flowy dress, round-framed sunglasses, and a pair of comfy-yet-chic sandals. Then, add some twists to make the look truly your own. Accessorize with fun jewelry. Give your dress some edge with a distressed denim jacket. Throw on a floppy hat. The possibilities are endless!

    It’s also important to consider the setting when you’re putting together your Coachella look. This festival is in a desert, and that means it’ll be hot and dusty. Make sure your shoes can handle the dirt and your outfit isn’t too heavy for the heat (and if you’re going to show some skin, make sure you have sunscreen).

    Viper SkirtVoodoo Music + Arts Experience -- New Orleans, Louisiana

    You might think the festival season ends with the summer. But hold the phone: Voodoo Fest (at home in NOLA) is just around the corner! This festival takes place the last weekend in October, and it hosts a variety of musicians and artists (last year’s lineup included Kendrick Lamar, The Foo Fighters, and DJ Snake).

    Voodoo Fest can be a bit of a challenge for Festival fashion, specifically the clothing. October in New Orleans tends to be on the warmer side (mid-80s in the day, mid-60s at night), and the festival is outdoors -- even in the rain. Also, given that the festival is so close to Halloween, folks sometimes just wear their costumes!

    Whatever you decide, there are a few accessories you should incorporate into your look. Sunglasses and a hat will keep you nice and shady (not to mention stylish). A backpack or crossbody bag will make carrying your stuff so much easier. And don’t forget to wear your comfiest shoes -- there’s plenty you’ll want to see at the festival grounds.

    If you follow these tips, you’ll easily be one of the best-dressed babes at any music festival you attend. However, there’s one more tip that’s more important than the rest: wear anything that makes you feel confident! Trust me, if you think you look sexy AF and you rock your look, everyone else will agree.

    Not feeling the “flower child” look for Coachella this year? Go for something with a little more edge, like high-waisted denim shorts and a sexy crop top. Don’t wanna get into the Halloween spirit? Wear a simple t-shirt and jeans combo to Voodoo Fest! Experiment with different looks until you find the one that clicks.

    RiskyTomorrowland -- Boom, Belgium

    While Coachella features a wide range of musical styles, Belgium’s Tomorrowland festival is all about one thing: EDM. This festival is also the go-to spot for outrageous festival style, from bras and body glitter to repurposed Halloween costumes! Trust us, you really can’t go wrong when you’re putting together a fashionable outfit for the Tomorrowland festival.

    Comfort is key at Tomorrowland (and every music festival, actually). You’ll spend a lot of time walking around the festival grounds, so make sure to wear shoes that can support your feet through a long, long weekend. Apart from that, there are no rules -- though your fashion choices may differ based on where you’re from.

    European EDM festival fashion clothing tends to be more casual -- think crop tops and short shorts, maybe a little shimmer on the skin. On the other hand, Americans go all out for EDM -- bra tops, booty shorts, fishnet stockings, and lots of neon colors. You’ll see both styles around the festival, so wear whatever you like best!

    Do You

    And once you find the look you love, wear. the. hell. out of it! Hold your head high and strut around the festival grounds like you’re the main attraction -- just don’t be surprised if a fashion blogger or two stop you for a photo opp.

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